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Hi I'm new here and looking for Comrades!


Too depressed to talk. :(
Hi there. I'm Hatiblackwolf, but please call me Hati.
I am new to the furry culture and at this state, I'm not sure if I am one. I have knowledge of what furries are, and I have come here to learn more about this subculture and to find out more about myself.

To begin with, I first joined the Therian Guide after I learned what a therian was (a person who feels a connection with an animal spiritually, or physiologically). I later found out that my kin-types are a wolfdog and werewolf. Then on the Therian Guide I found a few threads talking about furries, then I later signed up for Deviantart which is how I learned more about the furry community and that lead me to the research group IARP. After I looked at all the furry related art on DA I realized that some of the art was similar to mine and I found out that I like drawing Anthro Animals.

Even though the therian/otherkin community and furry community have crashed a bit, I have nothing against furries and I think you are very cool people. I have come to enjoy the artwork and I want to use this as a chance to become a better known artist and to explore my passions. I have heard that this community is very welcoming towards outsiders like me and I am so glad to be here.

Now, I bet a few of you have noticed that my species is a wolf, and that's not because of my kin-type, I just have a big connection with canids, I love wolves, and I know a lot about wolves and behavior.

My hobbies are vulture culture, drawing, running, and writing.
I go by the pronouns she/her
Please feel free to ask me questions below.
I really appreciate it!


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum, love.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Therian, huh. We've got a couple of those around. Otherkin, too.


The whimsical clown
Welcome to the forums :D! May you enjoy them and make some new friends!