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Hi I'm new here!


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Well, I guess all I can say is hi...

I won't be lurking and will most definitely contribute something, not sure exactly what I'm gonna draw, but I will.

I own a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet, which I use to draw stupid stuff.

I'm also a huge grammer Nazi. I won't ever respond to someone who doesn't put thought into something, like, "PL0X, I R SSOOOOOO GALD YOU THREW UP ALOT, HAHAHA!!!1111".

So, hello. I seriously hope I don't make a fool of myself.

Edit: Oh god, I just realized how much of a nerd I am. New people are ranked as a nerf herder and I know where that's from. ._.


Welcome, welcome!
Read the stickies and don't drink and post.
Yeah noone else gets where nerf herder is from either so you must be super nerdy. :V Moving on, its good to see another aspiring artist on the forums. There are a great many helpful threads for new artists and the community is quite pleasant. I do hope you enjoy your stay with us and meet a good many friends during your time here.


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Willkommen! And it looks like we have something in common for I am a huge Nazi. For war reenactments lol.


Me beautiful barnet!
noone else gets where nerf herder is from either so you must be super nerdy
But I knew what it was from... does that mean I'm super nerdy?

Yes, welcome, person.
Glad to have you here,
and I honestly hope you improve your artistic skills.


cute newbie kitten
hello and welcome
join in here and post around a lot, but do check out some of the rules first just to be sure, people can get a little irritating if you make mistakes. grammar and spelling here seem to be pretty decent, compared to many places I've seen, I think you'll fit in quite nicely here. If you want something to draw, we can never get enough porn, and it'll get you lots of attention and fans ;)
But seriously just have fun and so on. Can I offer you some biscuits, or anything else?

I had to go and look it up, and found both meanings, what does that make me?


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Wow, I got a lot of replies in one day. It's pretty weird finding out I'm a furry because I used to joke about them a lot.