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Hi, I'm Samantha!


Shy Feline Cub Girl
*takes a deep breath, her tipless tail swaying nervously behind her, brushing her thick blue hair behind her right ear that she got her claws caught in once as a kitten, smiles bravely, and introduces herself*

Hi, my name's Samantha!

I live with my grandma in the attic of her house, she's very strict, but I love her mostly anyway. I also live with my cousin, who's not a kitty, he's a fox! (Grandma says not to worry about it.) He's also a teenager, and annoying.

I like writing, and drawing, and playing my recorder. Ladybugs are cool! I like pickles and black olives... I like candy sometimes, but I don't really like sweet stuff.

I love exploring forests and stuff, and I like swimming, but I hate baths! I wish I had a bike, but grandma says they're too expensive and dangerous.

*looks up shyly through her glasses*

What's your name?


Perpetuating the Stereotype
Inigo Montoya.


Hey Samantha, welcome.

I'm surprised that name wasn't already in use on the forum.


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Welcome in FA, hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^

Mine's Ibuuyk

Mr. Platypus

Mmm mmm good.
*waves webbed foot, hands you coffee*

The coffee will help you pummel the teenage fox critter you live with. :)

Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay Samantha.


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Doctor Timewolf

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Hello there! Welcome to FAF.