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Now the last free art I asked for someone made for me thank you very much :)

But now here is the next question I will ask?

Is there any UK furs here?

If the answers yes lets narrow it down a bit
Is there any Leedsfurs?

If the answer is no still stick around:D

If the answer is yes then here is the next question.
Do you attend the Leeds Furmeets?

Now you do not have to be in Leeds to attend these meets.

If the answers no just watch this thread to see what happens:rolleyes:

But if the answer is yes then I will ask you for a commission.

You are well aware of the last meet in the White rabbit pub and I did not get a single commission. What I want is to be able to buy a commission

That is not over £7
:mad:I am not made of money:D

So if you want to do a commission for me you can do it a number of ways ALTHOUGH I WANT TO PAY FOR IT AT THE LEEDS FURMEET!

1. You can do the commission strait away I am after a babyfur commission. Contact me in PM and I will tell you what I want then when the next Leeds UK furmeet comes I will give you the money.

2. You can wait until we meet face to face at the furmeet then you can draw me the picture then.

So could anyfur in the United Kingdom do me a babyfur commission and I will tell you what I want which ever way and I will pay you at the next furmeet