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Hi , konichiwa , hola , and every other greeting word.


Philosophically Philosophic
First off, I should point out that I'm a guy of few words. Initially, I don't have much to say when it comes to introductions, though it feels necessary when it comes to forums. Off Topic is usually where you're gonna find me most of the time. But, nevertheless, here's a few things: I don't like bullshit and drama, I love interactive mediums, crave most confectioneries [sweet tooth is to blame], I'm only entitled to this fandom in specific [because of personal opinions], Let's Players and other various types of YouTubers are an interest of mine; especially JonTron [also including Egoraptor, SpazKidIn3D, OneyNG, NielCicierega, manwith3toes [or something like that, his accounts keep switching and aren't that known], Markiplier, Yamimash, RoosterTeeth [especially raging playthroughs], plus a ton more that I could name forever. Yeah, so... hope you enjoyed the obvious filler above. Off to the other sections!


Fennec World dominance!
Welcome to the Forums!
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they call me yolo swaggins
Welcome to the collective.