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My handle is Ace, Ace of Hearts! Although my given name is Matthew, if you come to know me, I don't care if you call me by my handle or by my given name, Matthew or Matt. A little about me, I'm active duty in the United States Army and I serve in a combat MOS. I've loved furry for so long and so many artists and a ton of artwork I can't give the proper respect to in just my introduction. I'm a furry, I'm basically just a fan in the fandom but I decided to register because I'm looking to purchase a furry artwork. My hopes are to submit it for a fursuit commission in a few months. I'm not artistic so I'm hoping someone can give me a walk through of how to get what I want. Hopefully, I can get involved in some great threads. I'm looking forward to getting to know the active members of the forum and learning about the community here on fur affinity! I definitely have a fur affinity! ;)


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Wonderful to have you here! You'll find several military folks around tbe Forum (prior USAF Medical Corps, myself) so make yourself at home.

If you have any questions, just ask! Explore and enjoy.