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hi my name is saint ^^"


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Iv'e been drawing anthro art since about 2008 and iv'e made my account on FA like two years ago but i never kept up with it, it was just blank for awhile until now.

I mainly use Deviantart http://saintversa.deviantart.com/ but now i'm trying to expand out and get my art out there so more people can enjoy it. v.v

Mainly what i draw is kind of this mafia gritty emotional story of mine, I love film noire and crime drama's so those are my inspirations. then from that i also do pin ups and some mature art as well.

I'm still fairly new to sharing my art with others aside from DA and i kept hearing that FA would be a better place for my art. so please if you would like you can check me out? ^^ i just finished adding all my art to my FA page here -> http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saintversa/

and i would love to meet you all and get to share our works. :3


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Welcome to the Forums!

Take the time to read the rules.

We have a large artist area take the time to explore.

P.S. I've just recently been checking out your work and its really good stuff!