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Hi, New Here


Ope, 'Scuse Me
Hello all, I am new here! I have always been interested in the Furry community, but just recently made my way over here. I don’t know much about the forums and overall community when it comes to furries, but I have read the forum rules and consider myself to be a common sense creature! So if my ignorance peaks its head up, please let me know ^-^

I would love to get to know everyone on here, and If I can answer any questions, please ask!

Have a wonderful day!



A happy dangerfloof
Hello and welcome!! :D

I joined the community about a month ago and I was like you, I didn't know much about furries. You'll see that almost everyone around here is really nice and friendly!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hello, and welcome! Are ya an arctic fox?

And if so, are arctic foxes as mischievous as red foxes? :p