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Hi, New Hyena Here!


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Hello, World!

My name is Calypso and I'm a very new furry. Well, at least I'm new to being not closeted -- I just moved out of my parents' house and halfway across the world, so I'm very lonely and very poor. But at least I'm myself, right?

I'm a striped hyena who loves to draw and smoke. I'm mute, I have a very severe trauma disorder (and autism) so I almost never go outside. I want to make friends, but there's just some sort of block that keeps me from talking to people. I hope that's where this community will come in -- I've heard that furries are just the most accepting people on the planet, so I hope I won't be an outcast again.

PM me (how does that work on this site?...) and let's chat!

-Calypso the Hyena
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Heyo and welcome. If you like to draw you should head over to the art and the illustration sub branches. As for friends, best way is to either get into a group or just talk in the general discussions. I'll PM you later if you want


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

And don't worry about being shy. There's plenty of shy (and friendly) people here.


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Hello and Welcome to the Forums and community if You'd like someone to talk to My door is always open!


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Welcome, Calypso! I hope you enjoy your time here! There's a lot of people to talk to.

Welcome to the community!! Definitely PM me or post something on my profile if you'd like to chat!
Hyenas are best wild canine things.

Hyenas are great, but cheetahs are cuter.


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Welcome to the madhouse~ It's very friendly here! Don't be afraid to dive in! Feel free to poke if you want to chat~


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Welcome to FAF!

Furry tends to be where a lot of so called ''outcasts'' end up eventually - when you're surrounded by fursuits, we're all so cute, all we need is hugs to communicate!

And maybe a little scritching sometimes.......That really says it all!