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Hi, new Lynx in the community!


Ruffus, the Eurasian Lynx!
So... i've decided it may be a good idea to join FAF to introduce myself more to the community and meet new people.
I'm a 13 year old fur from Argentina, and i've been interested in furry content for many many years, but i've been one of them since 2017 or so. One of the reasons i've joined this fandom is because i love art and i can find a lot of inspiration and motivation in here. I practice daily to improve because i'm still a beginner, but not only drawing, i also like music, dance, etc. (and even more if i can relate that to the furry fandom!)
My fursona is Ruffus, an Eurasian Lynx (As seen in my actual pfp). Sadly i don't have many pictures of him but i'm hoping to commission art in a future or do it by myself!
I like to make new friends, even if i'm kinda shy, and from my past experiences in the fandom i know that here i'm going to meet awesome furs!

Well, i don't have many things to say for now. Hope ya have a great day!
(And sorry if my english isn't good enough, it's not my main language ^^" )


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We're all pretty nice here! ( Except for that 1 odd duck, but we don't speak of him! )

I'm sure you'll have a great time here!


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Finally a proper breed! Welcome home brother!


Princess Bunny ♥
Welcome dear, hope you make lots of friends ♥


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Welcome Rufus! Have a cookie!

And don’t worry about your English skills. I speak typo and Google Translatese.