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hi o/


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Hi, I'm Rae! I'm an artist that likes to draw fun characters, wings and/or dynamic poses, though I'm not confident enough to do full price commissions yet. I like general fantasy stuff, space and I've read an unholy amount of fanfiction.

Anyway, I've been on the fringes of the furry community for a few years, so I decided I should get more involved. Anxiety really doesn't help with that, but I'm trying. :D

the sleepiest kitty

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Space is pretty neat. I used to want to grow up to study space as a career when I was in grade school. Nowadays I just like to stare up at the night sky for fun!

So anyways, welcome to FAF! Awesome to see another artist join us


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Welcome! I am a space fan myself. What kind of space-related things do you like?
I don't like anything super specific because it's all so interesting, everything from the pretty hubble photos to the video essays about astrophysics to sci-fi space ships. What about you?