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Hi! Sorry I have no pfp!


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Hello, my name is Fernshiine, but y'all can just call me Fern! I'm a huge fan of warriors which is kind of what got me into the furry community.

I'm an aspiring author writing a book series about wolves! I admit I have problems with motivation lately though, heh.

I also do some art. I don't really do coms for anything other than DA points, but if you are truly interested in my account here you go: https://www.deviantart.com/fernshiine Most art there is of Warriors and such.

Uh....yeah I dunno what else to put here lol. The reason I have no pfp is because I have nothing saved onto this chromebook yet since it's brand new.



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Thanks! I actually have my own made on my iPad, I just haven't really transferred any art to my Chromebook yet! I'm interested in meeting all the artists too!


Welcome!! Have some hugs. ^_^ hopefully your motivation comes back full force soon! :3 writing can be really difficult, I should know. XD


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Hey! I've never read Warriors but it seems cool from all the fan-made stuff I see about it! Writers are all really amazing to me, writing such interesting stories and keeping a story line going. If I ever tried, the story would probably veer off into multiple directions XD