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Hi, teach me your ways of


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Wanna see a photo of me?
bet your ass you do.

My name is Half-Breed, most people just call me HB. I played on a little virtual site... mostly just sold art actually that was all I did.
So there is that.

I dislike the yellow smiley guys >C stop changing my emotes.
I like a random assortment of things, but it's a good random assortment
Subjects I adore:
Zombies, Batman, Pokemon, Digimon, and I like zebras.
Tv Shows I enjoy:
Scrubs, Fullmetal Alchemist, How I met Your Mother, Adventure Time
Movies I really adore atm:
Fight Club, The Cat Returns, How To Train Your Dragon, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Thing I hate....
The final countdown

I also enjoy watching horrible movies, so if you know of any let me know, preferably one accessible via netflix
inform me of your logical nonsense
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For a moment, I thought you were Botspawn. :V



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Welcome to the forums. I see you like some memes, you are not alone.
Make sure to read the rules: (link in the macaroni-colored box at the top of this page.)
Use search box wisely. Others do not want to see a similar thread than one posted before.
Also read the stickies in the different sections of the forums.
Enjoy your stay.


Welcome to the forums! Pleased to meet you. Things we seem to have in common: Minnesota, Scrubs, Fullmetal Alchemist, How I Met Your Mother, and The Cat Returns.


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I think it might be Robin's obsession with Canada, or Marshal's obsession with Minnesota, but I love that show!


Hey, more new people! That's... great. :|


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Yes, that. I have never watched the video, I always played it in band. It drove me nuts through the years.
This makes me question my ability to determine male from female, I am terrible. Until that lead singer opened his mouth, I was like oh, hey look, that girl has hoop earrings.


homosexual agenda
The 80's were a different time man


Welcome my friend. Have a glass of ale with me and my friends. :v

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Finally a fellow soul who enjoys bad movies.
I'd totally recommend these titles for some laughs.
By far the WORST movie I've seen so far is Birdemic: Shock and Terror. I have NEVER seen anything that bad. My sides hurt for three days after watching it.
Then I'd watch Nazis from the center of the earth. Poorly made CGI robo-hitler is a go :U
You seem like a a cool fella, and classy too judging from that hat.
Most warm welcomes to you
It took you a year+ to come back.
Crazy shit.

Maybe there was a glitch in the universe, in which half-Breed's timeline accidentally folded in on itself whilst doing a handstand, and when it snapped back into position it flung him/her a year into the future?

Or maybe he/she just lurked for a year. Seems more logical to me.


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I had to learn your crazy ways of acceptance in order to not be hated upon immediately posting anything. Also I stick more on the art side then the forum side.

Totally watched birdemic, or rather tried. I couldn't get passed the sound changing at every different camera view. it killed me so much that i needed a break.

I enjoy that you guys are too lazy to pop on to the profile page to determine my gender.


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I enjoy that you guys are too lazy to pop on to the profile page to determine my gender.
It's so much more fun to guess and pretend though.

Seeing as how you just rejoined or something, are you staying or are you just gonna disappear again?


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I've been on the art side of FA since I joined up here. kinda forgot this existed. I'll try to stick around here more often. I just gotta figure out how to use this side of the site more.