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Hi there! <3


Hello! :) We are two brothers, Samash and Tommy, and we are artists, we drow furry and people! We are not new at FA, but new in this forum, and we want to meet with new people and show you our arts. We have a lot of favorite fandom, we like music, films, animation, art and TV-shows. More about us can be found on our fursinas arts. Sorry for our english, our native language is russian)):D


Werewolf a Tophat
They both cute :D



Mr. Villanous charm
Welcome to the foru, mates.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


aka Cutter Cat
America! I love your country)! Really! My dream (one of) is visit Texas!) And thanks again for greetings! You are very kind person!
Welcome to the Fandom. You don't want to go to Texas. It's hot and dry. I've been there. Come to Tennessee where it green and wet but hot in the summer. On FA, my name is the same... Keefur. I'm a greymuzzle (older Furry). If you ever need advice or want to ask a question, I'm a good Furry to ask, so just send me a note. :)