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Hi there! I love u


Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here!
In fact, I'm not so new, but I was able to get out of the shadows only recently.

I have been watching this place for a long time, and I was already able to make sure that it is many of cool and good people.
I am delighted with how everyone here accepts each other. This is really not enough in my life, and I'm glad to see it on FA!

I want to find not only an audience that will be interested in my arts, but also new friends with whom I will share my love for characters and storytelling!...okay!

I hope my wish comes true. Write to me, go to my profile on the FA, support me if you like my work. I'll be very happy!

Goodbye and have a nice day!
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I love you, too.

Welcome though! I'm sure you'll quickly find nice people here, especially an audience for your art. People are very receptive of that here. Have fun!


<Insert Meme Here>
We could at least go to dinner first before you say you love me :O

In all seriousness, welcome and hope you have fun :D