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Hi Everybody

first let me introduce myself, my name is Chantal, I am a mom of 3 kids and married live in the south of the Netherlands. (sorry for the bad english, it is not my mother tongue :)
I have always been a big fan of animals / Cartoons and have always cosplayed and love to protray a cute karakter. After watching a lot of Furry videos with my son who is totally in love with Telephone and sings Furry gang the whole day ( you are reading it right, I am giving him a proper furry upbringing). He was infected by the Furry bug after a event we went where he met some Furries, we we're in love with the fandom. I love it is so inclusive and everybody can express themself with this awesome art.

I have always been a creator, I am a Youtube, I make dutch Diy tutorials and I love to create something from some craft supplies.

So after some research and a few weeks of work I created Kigu, my first red panda fursuit head. So much fun to make. I just finished her up this week.

And my son is such a good model. We are in love and we will be making more suits for the rest of the family

Nose boop form us!



It's so nice to see that you are all included in this hobby.
Hope you'll have a wonderful time around here!