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Hi there, we are a team of Dutch students and need your help...

Hi There, My name is Tobias and I am part of a team of Dutch students.I'll kick off by telling you about ourselves. We are part of the Fontys Hogescholen community. We studie Media Design, which is basically designing new stuff via modern media types.Today we are entering a whole new period and the following week is meant for us to develop something for you.So we would really like to ask you some questions, and, if everything goes to plan, we will make a web application thats meant to expand your horizon. I know this sounds a little arrogant, but that is not our intention. We are trying to understand which problems you guys might have, and will try to solve these. Looking forward to asking you some questions!Also, apologies if my grammar isn't completely correct. English is my second language.


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I think we as a community unanimously agree that there needs to be an application that helps us search for precious hardcore furry porn more effectively.


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Welkom! Wij willen meer kaas!
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I thought this was a spambot for a second. But wait, spambots never double post!

I agree with Rob. A search engine that is capable of delivering us the highest quality furry porn is probably what most of us need, let alone want.


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Looks legit.


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Normally threads like these are ones which ask us to answer a survey on the fandom for 'research', so it's nice to see students doing something different for a change.
So let me get this straight- you're making a web app with a target audience of the furry fandom?
I'm not sure I have any ideas, but I'll be watching this thread.


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I think we as a community unanimously agree that there needs to be an application that helps us search for precious hardcore furry porn more effectively.
Right. It creates a link-database of art (maybe stories, too!) from major furry sites + 'boru's, scrapes all the tag+metadata. Give it flexible filtering options, and you're set.


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Hello there! Welcome to the Fur Affinity Forums.

Can you please describe in a little more detail what your exact assignment is, and what you expect to be doing for / with us?

(And in Dutch, just because I can)
Hallo! Welkom bij de Fur Affinity forums.

Kun je in wat meer detail beschrijven wat precies de opdracht is, en wat je verwacht voor / met ons te doen?
Je kunt me ook altijd een PM sturen op de forums, als je vragen hebt.

De voertaal op FAF is Engels, maar dat hadden jullie zo te zien al wel begrepen :)


*insert random cleverness* XD

I've gone out walking in the woods every day for the last two months. I'm not techie, but I've been thinking how cool it would be if I could get a static satellite photo of the area I've been hiking around in, and then have a GPS indicator show me exactly where in that photo I am. A 4 or 9 square mile area photo at least, with a Zoom feature if possible.

Prolly already an App like this. Or you can't do something like this for one reason or another. But heck, thought I would drop it here anyway...

Bon Chance!


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Okey-doke, you guys need my credit card number?

Might need your social and blood type too. Not to mention your address, mother's maiden name, and cousin's shoe size.

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How 'bout a fursona database/search feature. That would be interesting.


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Hello everyone I am the prince of the royal family of the UAC. I must send my fortune somewhere else before the UFLL or APR take it and spend on weapons in this bloody conflict. Both sides are sadly being armed by a crafty arms dealer known as the Jackal. Please give me your bank information so I can transfers my fortune in there and where you will keep 50% of fortune worth tens of millions for helping me.
First of all and very important, I'd like to say that we are not interested in information about your finances of any kind.

Hi everyone and thank you for your replies! Right now we're still trying to get in touch with a few guys to ask them some questions.

We are Dutch students who study IT & Media Design. This specializes in making websites, apps, doing research as to why people make certain choices etc.
We are in a project in which we have to do something for the Fur community. Do not get me wrong, we are enjoying this assignment!
There are some really useful suggestions in here, thank you very much!
Right now we are still exploring what we should do and in which form. We're thinking of an app or a webapplication that helps you in the communication and interaction between two people who like the Furry fandom.
I am very sorry to have to do this to you, but since this is a school assignment and we are going to present this to some companies and press, we can not make anything which has any kind of sexual content in it. I'm sorry.
Íf something is still unclear or you have some questions, please ask.
And furthermore, if you have any more suggestions, we would really like to here them.

Last but not least, I am not a bot. This is for real and I can post a picture of our assignment if you would like so.

As I see there are some Dutch people here too, I'll add a Dutch explanation as well:
Hallo iedereen en ontzettend bedankt voor jullie reacties! Op dit moment proberen we nog met een paar mensen in contact te komen om ze wat vragen te stellen.
Wij zijn studenten van de Fontys hogeschool en studeren ICT en Media Design. Hierin specialiseren wij ons in het maken van webpagina's, apps, doen onderzoek naar waarom mensen bepaalde dingen doen die ze zo doen!
Op het moment zitten we in een projectweek waarin wij ons focussen op subculturen waar wij niet bekend mee zijn. Wij moeten op het moment dus onderzoek doen naar de Fur community. Begrijp me niet verkeerd want we vinden het ontzettend leuk om deze opdracht te doen. Op het moment zijn er al wat zeer nuttige reacties die wij willen meenemen in onze app/webapplicatie.
Als je nog iets aan te vullen hebt op mijn Engels, voel je van vrij om dat te doen. Het is soms lastig om je goed te uiten.
We zijn nog aan het kijken waar dus veel behoefte aan is vanuit de Fur community. Dat heeft vooral betrekking op de communicatie en interactie tussen de personen in het Furry fandom.
Graag zou ik willen vragen of jullie nog suggesties hebben!

Kind regards,
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dutch students.
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Well...you tried
Hello dutch students! i think i can help you, you see i'm an international hitman and my gimmick (you have to have a gimmick in the world of assassination these days) is that i kill people in a fursuit. I'm currently struggling to get clients and i really can't think why so maybe you can make an app that will help me find people who want other people dead, kind of like a murdery grindr.

What do you think?


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I think most of the requests for sexual content here are sarcastic. :) /Ik geloof dat de verzoeken om seksuele inhoud zijn sarcastisch.

An app to help furries locate one another sounds like a neat idea. There are already apps that alert you to friends or contacts in your immediate area, so maybe this app could do the same./Een app om te helpen furries vinden elkaar klinkt als een mooi idee. Er zijn al apps die u attent maken op vrienden of contacten in uw directe omgeving, dus misschien deze app zou hetzelfde doen.

Of course, you would need to have the ability to become "invisible" when you don't feel like socializing.

A "block list" of people you don't want to talk to or be seen by would also be helpful---not just for individual users, but, say, for types of people you don't want to talk to./De app moet u toestaan ​​om te verbergen als je niet wilt praten.
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Hello everyone I am the prince of the royal family of the UAC. ... Please give me your bank information so I can transfers my fortune in there and where you will keep 50% of fortune worth tens of millions for helping me.

Please transfer fortune to this bitcoin account 1BTC1oo1J3MEt5SFj74ZBcF2Mk97Aah4ac. This information should be all you need to complete the transfer. Thank you and glad to help.

As for the thing for furry stuff, and this could actually apply to other groups as well, I'd like to see a phone app with features that would be useful at conventions. So far there are apps that just show a calendar and some information, but I would love to see an app with the following features:

* Allow you to announce your arrival at the convention and hotel, along with announcing your room number if you wish to make that public (current only option is to put up a slip of paper on a poster board)
* Let you add certain users and track where they are in the convention space. At big conventions you can sometimes spend 3 days walking around and not bump into your friend. (Plus if you see that they're at a bar right now, that's a great excuse to go meet up with them).
* During convention pannels, especially in big rooms, when questions come up, the people getting up to speak are either too quiet, or there's a lot of running around with microphones involved. It would be great if you could use this app to check is as being at this pannel, and when getting up to speak, you could talk into your phone and have it work as a microphone, transfering your voice to the loudspeaker over wifi.
* Set up a centralized image database for this app, so that people can snap and upload pics of things going on throughout the day, to get a constant flow of public pics to tell the story. That was if something popular happens, people will know about it and where to go see it.
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Hi everyone, thanks for the useful replies.
We have made a decision and are developing a website on which you can host conventions.
There will be options to host different kinds of events, like very big events or just small parties.
You can also set a maximal number of people that can join your convention.
All the big conventions will also be in a calender.

Every convention you host or that is nearby you will be displayed on a map.<br>We're trying to make this personal so you will need an account and can be as public as you want.

I'll keep you updated.
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