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hi there...!


friday (rylan/venny)
my name is friday!
i'm a canine furry and i like to talk to people and make friends!!!
i joined the forums because i want more furry pals and friends on furaffinity.
i recently stopped posting a lot on deviantart because that site is kinda dry nowadays. lol
my furaffinity is fujiThesaki!!! i like to draw cartoony things!!!
i hope we can be friends and make chocolate fondue together in harmony


Otterest Sergal evah!
Chocolate fondue... hmm....... HI! whellkom to the zoo!


Definitely not a lizard
Welcome to the forum! You're the best day of the week xp!


New Member
Hi there! If you're looking to talk to more furries, I manage a furry and gaming Discord server that's always looking for new members. You don't have to stay around if you don't like, but if you could give us a try it would be greatly appreciated!