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Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?


back to Aussie foxying!
Houndour, as someone said my fursona looked him, and I also love the bone motif and 'dark' designation.



Soft Deercoon
Shinx. They're so cute, and I mean sure I'd be allergic to them, and hugging them is probably an awful idea since they could electrocute you, but I still *want* to hug one.


i swear i am the only furry who thinks Pokémon is cancer
I don't really care at all that you dislike Pokemon, but FFS! I am soooooooooooooooo sick of seeing the word "cancer" used to describe things that people don't like. It just seems to be a rather hateful adjective to use, imo. Oki... Rant over!


Galactic Overlord
As far as gen 1 stuff goes, Arcanine for sure. Big buff and FLUFFY dogs. Fire dogs. Best dogs.

And to include anything, Lycanrocs for sure. They're my latest addiction, I can't get enough of them!


Obsessed With Shapes & Colours
Hard to narrow it down to one tbh, as it tends to change with each generation XD
Most enduring favourite would probably be Marill from Gen 2 - who has basically found their way into my party in every game I own :p
Ampharos, Skiddo and Mimikyu are pretty high on my list too though...