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Hi, woof!


I am very new here.
I am 17,from greece. I always loved furry art images around the internet but never really knew about furries, thanks to a furry hater i searched and found that i love furries and i am one too!:D
I am wolf/german shepherd furry
It would be nice to communicate with other furs in forums
I love furry art a lot, but cant make any good :(, Also i have in my mind a fursona i like i but cant draw it

and.. woof


A Friendly Siberian Tiger
Hello there, Cute Wolfy! Welcome to the forums. I'm kinda new here too, but feel free to message me whenever.


Generic Aberration +2
Welcome to the forums, Cute Wolfy (rawr? <3)! Enjoy your stay here!


New Member
I don't know if I should say "hi" or YAY!!!! for another Greek wolf!??!?!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!! and I thought I was the only one! :D

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
Watch out for a Dutchman from Tilberg Holland called Niels in August...

Welcome to the forum ^^

Mr. Platypus

Mmm mmm good.
*waves webbed foot in greeting*

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
Greetings, sir Wolf. Make sure to enjoy FAF!

Love me, cuddle me, don't eat me.

I have refreshments waiting on the table to your right, with jelly!

And jelly babies.


Your friendly neighborhood fur
Hello and welcome, Wolfy! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. Don't worry about the lack of drawing prowess, I can bearly do stick figures myself. >.<


That lonely son of a bitch
*Crawls up on Darkness's back and waves* Hey! Welcome to the Fur Affinity forums. Stay away from the mountain dew! It's aaaall miiiiine... *evil laugh*

The Grey One

New Zealand Scot
Hey there and welcome to FAF :D


back'n up back'n up
Hello and welcome to FAF, hope you enjoy it here. Have fun.:)


Terminally Pulchritudinous
Welcome to the forums. I hear Greece is nice this time of year.