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My Names Earthbullet most just trim it down to Bullet which im cool with. I'm 30 years old live on the east coast and I'm a bit shy (so if I open up to you and start having longer then few word responses feel lucky at least when it comes to dealing with me it means you've earned my trust) I'm Married. I just started exploring my fursona and I'm looking forward to trying to make some friends and maybe go to some conventions. I'm a bit bad at intros so this will be a bit short, my first fursona is well Bullet a maned wolf ref sheet below, umm that's all I can think of right now thanks!


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Welcome to the forums! I hope you make lots of friends! Or at least... semi-friends if you aren't that comfortable. X3


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


The Lurcher
Hey welcome.

I am fairly new myself but I can tell you so far I've not met one mean person and I very much doubt there is any. Everyone is kind, welcoming and genuine! You will love it here, trust me! :)


Wolf of Many Talents
Welcome. Have a good time while your here.