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Hi, I'm new to Fur affinity (the forum and the main site). I'm a thirty-something dog owner and I'm bossed around by a Siberian chipmunk. The picture is my dog Lilla.
I draw things, mostly digital, usually with open source software.
I like baroque music, good food, comics (mostly slice of life) and egregiously bad crime television series.
User page: Userpage of pollomostro -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

That's it. Nice to meet you. Pardon my poor English.


Staff Dragon
Welcome to the site and forums! If you have any questions or want to chat with anyone you see online, including myself, feel free to drop a conversation!
Always happy to answer questions or just chat about whatever! Glad to see another artist around here.

Like the art above~! It is quite a nice interesting set of colors. ^.=.^
And no problem, I understand you perfectly fine! Better than many native speakers. xD

I do hope you enjoy your stay and have a fantastic time!


I pounce i bounce.
Hi and welcome to the forum. I went and visited your FA page and I like your art. The characters are very cute and i love the way you painted the scenery. The buildings and forests and such.