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Hello all! Iḿ finally descending into the forums with my Raccoon Bandit Softpaw, and my Schnolf Sasha Wolfsky,

A little about both to introduce I suppose.

Bandit Softpaw, is my main, and basically a personification of myself in a furry form, I've had this little Raccoon (6'4") since I was twelve, and I'm now counting 38 years on this globe, we have been through ups and downs together, closets, public harassment, fear, whatnot. I guess the basic furry life?

Then shortly ago, Sasha entered my life. and she took to the high boards immediately, becoming far more popular than I ever thought she would, to the point of fan art. (yes its so amazingly cute! thank you so very, very much!!!)
She is a figment of my imagination, a 27-year-old female Schnolf from Germany, ( wolf/ snow leopard for those who want to ask.) and I am enjoying her very much.

I've decided to join the forums to mostly see what it is all about, perhaps make a friend or two, (4 at the max though, JK)
and see what fun is to be had.

I can write a whole lot more about myself, but that would give away stuff we can talk about later, won't it? so come and say hello, I promise to check these forums at least twice a day.

(side note, I might create a separate telegram for Sasha, should people wanna talk to her specifically)


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Indeed he has, to be honest, I didn't know about this part of the furaffinity account.
So far we have just been focussing on the art.

Now we are faced with the dilemma of keeping this, ( as is, we won't be adding to it) or deleting the whole forum thing.

Personally, I lean towards the latter, but it is not only my say in the matter.