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I personally hate when I'm searching a particular theme on FA, only to come across the same image posted multiple times. Why? Because someone who buys a commissions believes it's their right to upload to their gallery.
Honestly, that's not really acceptable. The gallery is meant to be for users to upload their own works, not someone else's just because they throw their money around.

Uploading to scraps, I have no problem with that. If uploaded to scraps, only watchers of that user will see it as it still goes to their submission notifications which then, allows the commissioner to show off the artist they paid to their own watchers and possibly get some of them to watch the artist as well.
Uploading to the gallery has it show up in search and browse. Whats really problematic with this is that most people don't read descriptions, they just see something they like, favourite and watch.

Now it would be very difficult to come up with some method of preventing people from uploading commissioned art without having to do a manual investigations each time there is a report.

What I would like to suggest is much like a block list, there should be a hidden list, where people can hide certain accounts so that said account's uploads will not come up in searches and browsing.

The issue I specified above is only my own personal reasoning, another however might just be, you don't like seeing a particular user's art and would rather it not constantly come up anytime you wanna search for some new uploads.

This is basically a type of filter but, bit more useful as 'tags' are not all that well worked on on most uploads.


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You can hide specific users in search results by appending @lower !username to your search string, where username is the username of the account as it appears in the URL of their profile. Add as many usernames as you want (you only need the "@lower" once), putting an exclamation mark for NOT in front of each.