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Hiding From Yourself


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So, here's a cool story:

I'm a casual smoker. I smoke about two or three cigs a day. I live with my family which consists mostly of smokers as well. On the rare occasion where I get a pack of cigarettes instead of bumming them off someone, I'm mostly expected to share. Not that I don't mind sharing, it's just that with sharing, the lifespan of my packs decreases dramatically because my family members smoke more than me.
So, what I like to do is hoard away a few cigarettes in different locations in my room when ever I get a new pack. This is so when I finish my pack, I would always have 'emergency' fags at hand. I also do this right when I buy a new pack so that way some times I would forget I hid them and be pleasantly surprised when I eventually find them. That's not always the case, though. I usually always remember if I had some or not.
However, today I was stressing because I was flat out and really just had a craving after a bad morning. My problem was that I was broke and no one was around to bum one off of. So I go and start rummaging through my drawers looking for change. When I reach my computer desk drawer, I end up finding a lone cigarette, making me squeal loudly and literally dance with joy (Glad I was alone when this happened).

Anyways, that's my story.
My question is does anyone else hide stuff from themselves? Be it smokes, treats, money, or any other goodies?
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Money- carry the minimum amount you need to buy vital things like groceries and gas. But when you don't particularly need it, deposit it in your account for later. Don't keep excessive amounts of money in your wallet because thieves will take it- including the worst thief of all- your own tendency to impulse-buy things.


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I hide money from myself in the way that I don't let myself have any spare money on me; everythings on my debit card, if i have loose cash on me, i'll spend it. Debit card curbs that pretty nicely. That and candy, because i'm a bit of a sugar fiend and keeping candy stashed for low-blood sugar time is a good idea.


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I hide money and cigarettes around my house :3


I tend to do this with big items of food I am meant to eat over a long time like pringles tubes or toblerones. If it's just sat on my desk, the average lifespan of a packet of sweets is about 5 minutes.


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I hide old plates and garbage under places and in drawers. I'm not hording, or anything, I'm just extremely lazy.


I've heard advice to stash smoking substances around the house for when you run out, so you'll go looking and be pleasantly surprised, but I've never done it because I know I would never forget that I had some extra and where I put it. Maybe it's worth a try though, maybe if I hide a bit somewhere I never go and leave it for months, then I might actually forget it.


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I am hiding websites from myself. I figure that if they aren't in my bookmarks bar i won't click them and then refresh and click them again over and over and over and over and...

It would also be nice to spend less time on the internet, but it's alot harder to hide the internet from myself.


Considering the extraordinary measures I go to just to be able to *find* my own stuff, hiding my own stuff doesn't seem like a great idea.


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I can never hide things from myself. I still remember where all the time capsules I buried while in school are. Gonna dig them bitches up ahead of schedule. I never lose stuff either, go figure.


If I try to purposely hide something from myself it'll just always be on my mind and I will never forget it.

But I lose shit a lot.


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I don't get it. If you hide it from yourself you'd still be able to get it if you wanted to.

Or are you so lazy that having it out of the way means the difference between acquiring the object and not?


Poops in toilets.
I don't get it. If you hide it from yourself you'd still be able to get it if you wanted to.

Or are you so lazy that having it out of the way means the difference between acquiring the object and not?
Some people tend to forget where they hid something smaller than a breadbox over a few days if they don't think about it. The only thing is it's hard not to think about it, so you just got to pray about not thinking about without thinking about it in your prayers.

Or... You know... Some people are naturally forgetful.


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Nope, I just don't get addictions :V

Unless it's something chocolate. I eat exactly as much as I can and try then try just a little more. But that's why I try never to get too much. You should FIGHT addictions.


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I don't really hide my stuff on purpose since I remember where I put the stuff I want to hide.

As for addictions, I only have one.


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I got bored of every other vice and turned to coffee. Now it's all coffee all the time.


I've never been able to intentionally hide anything from myself. If I tried, then I'd remember where I put it.

However, I tend to lose things quite easily. =/