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I already tried escaping, but it's a black hole, and I've been spaghettified. I sorta gave up and finally accepted it. Furries are cool. And not all "furfaygz are guy". So, hi. Overview of myself: I like french fries. I use a Dell laptop. I don't necessarily like to """hhrpee""", but once in a while it's good fun. I doubt I'll be doing much here, other than looking, so if you need to talk, just go to my profile to some links. Oh yeah, most importantly, I used the joke of an app Furry Amino, and tried to show them dank memes. I was banned. Let's hope things are different this time, yeah?

also, meme machine is dead


Wolf of Many Talents
Welcome. Things can be chaotic and fun around here.


I've been de-batted, oh no!
Have no idea what this ramble is about, but welcome!