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Hello! I see you have managed to stumble across my thread! Well, I sure hope you like sighthounds and elves. 8)

I charge $25/h, USD, paypal only. When taking commissions, I estimate how long a piece will take, and will give you a price up front based on that, so don't worry about not knowing what you will pay until later! Outside of large, time consuming edits at your request, I will never charge you more. A special note for Furcadians, you may ask to pay in portrait spaces or GD; I may or may not be willing to accept these payments based on my own needs, but the option is open.

I am a very fast worker, and will be glad to stream your commission for you, live (my internet willing). Most work takes only a few hours, from start to finish. Outside of streamed work, a piece might be worked on over the course of two to three days, as I go about my general business.

Contact: Private message me here, on FA, on DA, or at mashatate /at/ gmail dot com. Contacting me privately via any other art venue is discouraged, as I might not regularly check them.

My strengths: Soft, feminine forms; pudgy bodies; androgyny; sighthounds; non-Tolkien elves
What I WILL draw: Anthros, humanoids, ferals, most fantasy species; soft gore, erotica (tasteful nudity, flaccid genitalia).
What I will NOT draw: Mech, feral horses and horse-like fantasy species, vehicles, complex armour, complex backgrounds; hardcore gore, blatant fetishes (including massive breasts and extreme muscle), porn.

Lined work comes in two suggested tiers, though we can of course work on what you'd like outside of this! The prices are on a one-figure assumed basis - more than one figure will take more time, and thus the price will go up.

Fullbody Pieces typically range from $50-100, based on complexity. A flat piece will be cheaper than something fully shaded.

Portraits, outside of something very complicated, take somewhere around an hour and a half. $35-45.


'Lineless' might be more like it. It's a very simplistic style I work in from time to time. I do not typically offer detailed shading on these works.

I have yet to do portraiture in this style. Fullbody pieces typically take me two to three hours, so you're looking at paying around $50-75 for a single figure.


This is a form of commission I offer that started out as a personal project. The idea behind this is you get one picture in a simple, miniature style that's typically bare (ken-doll style or simplistic, flaccid genitalia) or in underwear to show a character's bodytype and markings, and then two outfits drawn overtop the same figure, and then compiled on a single image - along with transparent singles of each piece.

I charge a flat $40 for one figure and two outfits. Each additional outfit is $10. Pictured below are single figures. To view compiled displays, click here!


Sketches are typically very quick! The price depends on the complexity of the work itself, not if it's a portrait or fullbody.

For a single figure, you're looking at somewhere between $10-20.


These are tentatively offered, as I have only done one by commission. Please contact me to discuss what you would want, and I can estimate from there.

You're likely looking at anywhere from $100-300. Please note, I will not draw aroused genitalia on your reference.


I do not offer these for commission individually, but will gladly add them on to your colour commission at a suggested price of $15. This is negotiable. Please note these pieces are edited and not simply crops.


Image slightly distorted to discourage theft.

1. Commissions of anything but a sketch will be paid after approval of sketch. Any major edits need to be mentioned while the art is still a sketch, otherwise they either will not be made, or you will need to pay for the time taken to make them.
2. Sketch commissions are paid full up front. I will make a total of one major edit, and this needs to be mentioned before you accept it as a finished product.
3. Absolutely no commercial use. I allow prints made for personal use, but not for sale.
4. If the art is of a character and the character is sold or traded, I am to be informed. The art I have made for the character is not to be sold for any more than was paid for it. Let it be known I am generally uncomfortable with this, so please be considerate.
5. Give me credit and a link back, whenever you post the art. Do not claim the art as your own.
6. Minor edits are allowed (such as resizing for an icon or character page, putting the art on a background for display). If anything major needs done, please come to me, I do not want my art edited beyond recognition, attributed to others due to their edits without my permission, or edits I do not approve of attributed to me. (I mean, really, I'd prefer you don't, say, slap a dong or bad filter on my art and then say I did that, that's misrepresentation I really don't want! HAHA)
7. I retain all rights to the art; purchasing a commission from me gives you display rights.

If you are seeking art for something that is to be sold, say you want me to do a piece for a card collection or a calendar, please message me and we will negotiate costs and contract. I am open to such projects; rules and prices above are for personal commissions and trades.