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High Budget Project. Help Me Create A Species.

Hello everyone!
So there are two parts to this project and I have a diffrent budget for each part so I will do my best to explain.
Basically i'm looking for an artist to help me bring my species to life.

Part 1
Budget: $75

This is a species that I already have SOME imagry for but ALOT of ideas for.
I am basically looking to get a rarity chart of all of the diffrent body parts they could have, as you see alot with other species.

Part 2
Budget: $250

I would also possibly be looking for someone to do a custom base with all of the body parts that I could use to make and sell adoptables. I would want clear lines I could use to make adoptables with as well as shading layers for each. This is a huge project and because of that i'm prepared to pay a good bit for it, provided you're willing to work with me on a payment plan. You would also get the rights to make and sell adoptables of this species as a guest artist. This will be a closed species only open to a few people to make, and you would be one.

If you are intrested please post which part you're intrested in, examples of your art, and your projected price of the project. I know alot of details need to be added like how many parts there are and what the species looks like, so just a general range of least to most possible would be great!


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Hello! i would like to do your request number 1! here some example of my art and price.
Gallery for more arts: Userpage of solaris91 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)


Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

character profile 25$:

Big draw 45$:

little draw 20$:

draw with multiple character 60$:

CHIBI 10$:

Comic page 20$ or 80$ for page(price will be decided with the commissioner):


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Im fairly interested in either part. Ive created a few of my own charts and such for my species. A couple I have posted up on FA. Im also capable of drawing all types of animals. Ill try and post examples of a few different types below.
Mine are done traditionally and then digitally edited into place. For yours, though, i can do traditional lines and shading etc with digital coloring. My line work is very clean and can easily be worked with digitally for a base.
Ill show some examples of my work below. For the larger project, i can do a payment plan but it would probably be on the high end of your budget, since its a lot of work and youd be using my work to make money from. $250 sounds fairly resonable, depending on how much work is involved, but that can be discussed and if itd cost more, because of having a lot more work done, then we can always work something out for any higher payment. Im pretty flexible as long as its kept professional and respectful. Communication is a BIG deal with me so if you are unable to keep in touch at least once a week, to touch base (in case either of us have questions) or to keep on time with any payment plan we set up, then id scroll past me. If you can, though (which i assume you can) then please feel free to message me on my FA if you have any questions or wish to hire me. =]
My FA: Userpage of modifiedrabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

A couple examples of my species references ive done:

Some anatomy commission pages ive done (there are more but i liked these best lol):

And just basic pieces ive done in general so you can get an idea of what my finished work looks like

-Full on traditional:

-Traditional line and shade with Digital coloring (Shade process can be left out if youd like):



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I'd be interested! Here is a link to my dA gallery containing species refs I've drawn. I can do a lineart pack as well.

I'd do a rarity chart for $10 per feature type for a simpler one and $15 for a detailed one.

I could make a lineart pack for $35 per fullbody.

Here and here are examples of shading styles I can offer.


I myself have made many different species of adoptables as well as bases for them. My art style is pixelated, making coloring and changing out parts incredibly easy.
A few examples I have are my Salties species and my Sneck species. I am more then happy to help you as I personally enjoy creating new species!!

If you are interested I have a flexible schedule and an empty slot list! Please PM me on FA!
Below are a few examples of species I've already created!




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Hello, I would be interested in either portion of this! Below is some examples of my artwork, I do a range of furry, anthro, and human



Still looking guys! Not saying I don't like those who have posted just trying to get as many people as possible so I have lots of options.


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I'm super interested in this species project of yours and be willing to try out either position if my art fits your criteria ^^
I've had some experience in making linearts with interchangeable parts so I have a pretty good idea with how to lay out these sort of things in an organized fashion.

You can check out my gallery for examples if you'd like. I'm a bit behind with uploading so some of the current artworks don't reflect my current artistic level. Though I'd be willing to show you more current examples if needed!

Artwork Gallery for NekoSister -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Feel free to message my FA or here for any questions ^^


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Hello, I would like to help c: Interested in all parts.
I haven't examples of any species sheets because it's still in process.
But you can look at examples of finished character refs:



What about the price, your budget is enough c:


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I'm really interested in helping!
I have helped other do species before,open,semi closed and closed species.
I have semi closed species of my own.
I can also do great background stories and life cycles for them.
I draw them as well. I can seperate the rarity's ,draw what is different from each rarity as well.

Would not be my first time helping out with species.
I tend to do detailed and complex designs. Also some cute ones as well.

Example of my art
I also do anthro ,nearly any other species. Anthro now days look better. (I have a sketch that I can show you if you'd like)
If you'd like examples of what my life cycles or background story looks like let me know.
My prices really depend ^^

I'd love to do the second part :) I do detailed lineworks!



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hi, i'm intrested in both parts.
former concept art and 3d graphics student, now freelancer.
if you wish, take a look at my furaffinity page [NSFW - extreme stuff warning] Userpage of vck -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ì
sadly i have almost to no clean art to display here on forums, as my clean works is separated from nsfw stuff.
hit me up via notes on here on the forum if you have any question ;)
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