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(Commission) Selling: ($50+) High quality art +free pixel art version (pixel art, semi realism, cartoonish and comic style)


Digital artist
Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm a small Brazilian artist who draw on the mouse, I can draw in any style you want or I can try to mimic another artist style. I do commissions since january 2020 but I'm pretty new to FA. I Have some reviews too on my site and my FA account
I'm highly trustable for commissions and always send updates to my clients. I also make sure to include a free surprise
My site with reviews and my FA:
What do I draw:
-Reference sheets
-Charaster designs
-Concept art
I don't draw explicit nsfw but I can draw something suggestive

Prices and payment methods:
Prices always depend on the style and complexity of what you ask me to draw, please ask for a quote in my dm here or note me on FA
I only use paypal and Bank transfer.

How do I work:
First you send me the description of what you want. I always charge half of the payment upfront or after I send you a sketch. After the sketch I make the changes you asked me and I show you a watermarked final version. Then after you pay the other half of the payment I send you the unwatermaked version!

Estimated delivery time:
it depends on style you choose and the complexity of the description. So more character and details = more time to deliver.
Simple style like pixel art, comic style etc can be delivered in 2-4 days after I send you a sketch (1-2 days) max.

Few of my examples, the rest is in my site.






Digital artist
I usually don't get a lot of commissions through here, so if you commission me here you can be garanteed you'll have an amazing piece of art, a free pixel Icon and a little discount ;)