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High Quality Artworks (Anthro, Feral and Humans)


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I'm offering digital commissions for characters
I have a wide range of artwork types I can do, and even more I'm willing to experiment on!

All examples can be seen in my DA page (I'm reuploading things here slowly)
Lord-Kiviniik on DeviantArt
yggdrasil3.png commission1.png arcanus.png example1.png

I will draw :
- Anthro, Feral and Humans -
- Characters owned by you -
- Fanart -
- Both SFW and NSFW -
- Blood and gore -

Will not draw :
- Some fetishes -
- Extreme gore -
- Characters you do not have permission to draw (gifts are fine) -

All payments are handled through PayPal Invoices only
I'm ready to haggle prices as humanely as possible

You can reach me on Deviantart or by email to kiviniik@hotmail.com

My pricelist goes as follow

And here are my Terms of Service
Click Here
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