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[Hiring] ($100+) Artist Wanted for Slapstick Inspired Fetish Images


Hello there! Hope you're all having a fine 2022.

This is probably a long shot but, well, I'll get straight to it, I'm looking for an artist to draw some images for me with the caveat that it will be finished in the next 24 or so hours. As it is Easter weekend, I'd love to hire someone to do some slapstick foot pain images of a certain Star Wars bunny gal (Easter and rabbits, you see!). I had made arrangements for something to be made today and they fell unfortunately fell through, so I'm looking for a replacement artist who can do the job

Essentially I want to do a couple of slapstick-inspired images featuring Lop from the Star Wars anime series. Each image would show a classic cartoon scene inspired by Tex Avery or Looney Tunes, and they would show Lop's reaction to getting her big feet hurt in various ways. No serious injuries or anything like that, again, it's all for the comedy aspect. I have various reference poses for the scenes I have in mind.

I'm looking for someone to do two or three images (lineart black and white is fine). I have some reference images for you of the character in question (it's Lop from the anime Star Wars series) so that should take some of the guesswork out. If you're interested and available, please send me an email at korsk4life@gmail.com or you can reply here too payment will be through paypal and we can discuss rates and such upon hire. cheers everyone!


Hi, I'm very interested in working with you
my work tends towards realism, but i am also very skilled with the cell shading arts.

here are my portfolios for you to review

cel shading arts

my working method is as follows:
1st the contractor sends me details of how he wants the commission (icon, full body, with background, number of characters, poses and if possible references) and we also combine the value
2nd I send 3 to 5 sketches for you to choose, then I refine the line art of the chosen one for better visualization
3rd after the approval of the lineart I expect the full payment of the agreed amount
4th as soon as the value is debited, I proceed following the process of lighting and shading> colorication> detailing, and during the process I send prints for you to go I follow the progress

*this process may vary depending on the complexity of the illustration

you can send me a message here or on my discord if you want (Luiz Paulo#2657)

If you are interested in my work but have questions, I can send you a sketch, no obligation
Thanks for replying! I'll contact you on Discord right away. Cheers!