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Hiring ($25-$65) - Looking For A Con Badge - Must Be Done Before Megaplex 2021 (FILLED)


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As the titles says, I'm looking for a con badge to be drawn and in my paws before Megaplex in early August. I'm hoping I didn't wait too long for this and that a month will be enough time. Would want something in color. I have a couple of art pieces already for you to reference. Only change to my character I need to make is eye color. I want a portrait of my character driving a car (probably looking straight on at him), that will fit on a badge.

I'll try to check back here for any responses, but you can reach me faster through Telegram. My Telegram username is @slowerisfaster


dragocatowolfy .D
Good day.) So that the character fits on the badge (can you still have the exact dimensions?) - most likely it will be a maximum shoulder-length portrait I am sending an example of work, if it will be interesting)


https://www.furaffinity.net/user/darknessis/ - more here
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Thanks for the responses.
Nothing has quite caught my eye just yet so if anyone still wants to reach out, feel free.
Also, probably best to work with a US based artist in case shipping needs to happen.


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Hello! I am interested, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, if you like my art, you can note me on FA, I am looking forward to be working with you. : )


I have commissions open if you’d be interested! And I haven’t done any badges but have done traditional and mailed commissions before so I’m totally open to making a badge and mailing it. If interested just message me what you’re looking for and I can give a price estimate! Should not go over your budget
These are my normal prices and some examples: