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(Hiring) 3 interwoven plotlines

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
It would be for a mediæval fantasy.

What I have for characters and outline is very basic and rough.
It involves curses, pandemics, necromancers, and corrupt clergymen, and those who would stand against them and those who hunt the heroes..

Writing count is: until the story is done.
Payment: via paypal, willing to pay… 125usd per 15,000 words sound fair?

Kinks: Fetishes and sexual scenes aren’t of interest to me. ♠️ So no need to make it central to the plot.

Here’s what I have so far.
The story is there I just can’t unravel the threads of the tale and fill in the gaps.

Equine ‘churchgrim’ (formerly horse who was a “living avatar” of an equine god of death, in a good way.)
Effectively a Cleric-Paladin
Palamino Roan wi ringleted flaxen mane
A very motherly personality. Very protective, even scary protective, and great with kids. Treats undead like children who should be in bed asleep.
Actually over a thousand years old. The dead she was looking over in a long vanished and long distant Ancient Egyptian-like civilization had been desecrated and their pulverized, powdered remains scattered on gardens all over a strange and distant country much in the same way England did in the 18th and 19th centuries. So technically that country is now under her domain.
Turns more sooty and black, more nightmare looking-and more powerful- the closer to a very evil aligned or undead creature she is.
Patron God is Kyjianaswu a God of peaceful eternal rest, a psychopomp.

Sir Riogre:
Short Red hair
Blue eyes
Very strong and muscular
Hawk heraldry (red and black)
Haraxua is his mount. Telepathic connection.
How they met is a noodle incident.

Snake therian (Taipan-Gaboon)
Taipan build with Gaboon markings
6’2”tall, with 18-19’ snake body.
No hair, Golden eyes.
Example of her race: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34813812/
Bard- Mandolin
Comes from a desert environment. Ill suited to cold.
Bubbly, talkative, vivacious. Hurts that others are scared of her. She’s not a fighter, but still snake quick.
Curse-connected with Nix’ak, can’t go far from him. Will die if he dies.

Frost Elf
White hair
Blue eyes
Slight build
Cunning, shrewd, amazing fighter.
Sullen, stoic, taciturn.
Think of Daniel Craig’s James Bond.
Can already survive cold as a frost elf but Knows magic and other tricks to help him thrive in cold.
Curse connected with Kagabi can’t go far from her. Will die if she dies. Vitriolic best buds.

Were Gergrea Drake (half-elf)
Monk-(as in martial arts, not brown robes and prayers).
She’s either lost in thought of meditation, or about to come up with a pun.
Example of Gergrea Drake: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ashsukea/folder/805637/Drakes
Bottom, earliest entry has important text information.
Use anthro dimensions for her human size.
Ash brown hair, 4-6” bedhead style.
Grey eyes.
Pair of pointed metal tonfas as a weapon in human form.
Smoky, umber brown as A Drake. Like the first photo here: https://www.life-with-siamese-cats.com/seal-point-siamese-cats.html

Aiva’s chief familiar, a melanistic bobcat.
Actually her form-locked polymorphed husband, a druid. Real name is Escivi or Ravenoak.
Form lock is From run-in with Dr. Simms. The longer he stays like this the more he forgets his true self.
Unfortunately only Dr. Simms can undo the spell, and he wants to capture Aiva.
Long red hair
Fiery personality.


No hair
Black eyes
Grunts at most.
Assassin-Ranger(undead wild boar)
The Dragon trope
Yophrit’s left hand man.

auburn hair
Violet eyes
For some reason they need Haraxua and Sir Riogre out of the picture as They could prevent plans. Use dust of dead in a spell to infect citizens.
Yophrit knows Dr. Simms.

Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Knows people who knows things. Can get anything or anyone , for a price, and it may be at midnight, no questions asked, and it fell off the back of a wagon. Talks fast. No morals. As cowardly as he is slippery.
A bad guy middle man.

Mavus Jarl
Animist(Stocky mustelid creatures ie badgers, wolverines etc.)
Unicorn Therian
Pearlescent white fur
Bright blue eyes
6’ tall
Really attractive looking.
The children love him.
Mother’s feel safe having him look after their children.
He just loves shaping little minds.
Serpents are sworn enemies.
Believes Unicorns are best but takes it a little too far.
Very much like the warm, congenial seeming SS officers from Inglorious Basterds or other similar films.

Dr. JJ Simms Jr.
Black hair(obviously dyes it), bald save for a horse shoe around back of head and around ears.
Green eyes.
Has a paunch.
Wants to imprison Aiva and harvest her poison against his political enemies, those who would oppose his climb to power. He wants to capture Aiva and break her mind and spirit, prove Weres are no more than dangerous beasts in a liars facade and have no place in civilization.
Also he can use her venom as part of a formula to concoct a cure from Yophrit’s dust. It won’t prevent reinfection though and getting the cure depends on how well you tithe.

Dr. Simms left hand woman as he has a priestly image to uphold and can’t risk getting his hands dirty.
I give you carte blanc on her
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Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
How many words are you expecting in total?
At the least: 150,000 should be enough for a gripping three parter

At most if the writer and I really get into it…225,000 or so

So somewhere between 50,000- 75,000 between each of the three plotlines

Mind you I’d be paying in increments for a certain amount of words at a time.

I’m currently working with DankeDonuts on the Kubikiholt: Murder and Memories story. Which is currently on about 140,270 words and counting https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37430447/
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You should probably be aware that that's essentially a novel. The three 'Lord of the Rings' books average out at around 150k words per volume. Fair play to Kubikiholt for going that far, but you are kind of offering less than 1c / word, so $1250 for almost 20 days' work for a full-time writer - assuming there's no rewrites or episodes of writer's block. Including weekends, that's a (lunar) month.

Please don't think I'm being needlessly mean here, I know the Furry Fandom isn't exactly Barnes & Noble, but you DID ask if it sounded fair.

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
…Fair play to Kubikiholt for going that far, but you are kind of offering less than 1c / word, so $1250 for almost 20 days' work for a full-time writer - assuming there's no rewrites or episodes of writer's block…

Yeah I just used my last paid author’s rates.
So, what would you expect to be paid?


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Yeah I just used my last paid author’s rates.
So, what would you expect to be paid?
I'm not really representative of the average to be honest. I worked out a long time ago that nobody can afford to pay what I'm willing to work for, which would generally be in the range of 3c to 5c per word, depending on content. (For reference, the Author's Guild recommended rate for UK freelance authors is a whopping 25c per word, but I don't expect anybody here to afford that!)

Others will work for less, but I think anything less than 1c per word is unfair, and 2c is more like it. If particularly unsavoury fetishes are involved, maybe higher. 2c / word is approximately what I used to get when I was writing game reviews for indie magazines.

This all goes out the window if you plan to publish the results professionally, mind you. Then you'd be right back to the 25c/word rate, or a $5,000 to $10,000 advance plus royalties.