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(Hiring $50+) Looney Tunes-style Artist Wanted For Female Slapstick Images


Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic.

As the thread suggests, I'm looking to hire an artist who can draw in the classic Looney Tunes style to do a series of images. The images would show Lola Bunny (preferably in the original Space Jam appearance) experiencing a series of pranks to her feet, each one making her hop around in pain holding her foot. The caveat here is that for each image, she'll be re-enacting a scene from a classic Looney Tunes or Tex Avery cartoon, just that it will be Lola in place of the character who was in the original scene. I'm looking to get four or five images total, black and white lineart most likely as I do like to color them myself, though if the price is right I may pay you for the colors as well. $50 is just an example price, I don't really have a set budget but chances are your own prices will be fine.

I would typically like these to be completed in the next few days, and preferably I'd like to see the sketches for approval. I will provide the example images to the artist I choose for the job, and payment will be through PayPal. If your interested, please either reply to this thread or you can email me at korsk4life@gmail.com. Thanks very much!