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Hiring a fursuit maker for Rocket Raccoon

Hey yo this is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/s-o-husky/ here looking for a talented fursuit maker that can make the 2014 rocket raccoon costume based of the new guardians of the galaxy movie.

This thread won't be perfect as I'm typing this down I'm pretty tired so I may miss out on some details so feel free to ask me for anything even my measurements on this subject.

Preview of another fursuiter wearing the 2014 costume. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13421703/

I'll edit this post and add more pictures later.

Heres the summary of what I want done with the costume.

Rocket has very skin pad like hands just normal raccoon hands so NO FUR AROUND HIS HANDS.

His tail must not be touching the floor or curved up his tail dangles down.

the clothes don't have to be 100% perfect down to everysingle bit of detail but it still needs to be good enough.

Rocket Raccoon in the movie version has a gun holster thingy that goes over his clothes so he can put his weapons, grenades etc into slots. you just need to focus on the clothes and not the toy guns XD.

RR has pading on the back to protect his back from recoil from his guns while running on all fours

RR wears no gloves and no footware so his feet and hands are all raccoon paws.

==========Payments and collection====================

If you live in the united states or the UK I can only pick up the costume in person then travel back to england with it as I cannot afford the postage, packing and the UK's expensive collection customs charge can get out of hand so to save money I will travel by plane to the USA and if you can meet me at the air port or maybe give me a lift to your house so I can pick up the costume then that would be absolutely fabulous :D.

Paying for the costume will be done monthly, sometimes weekly if I'm getting more money to spend.
I want to see progress work of the commission as the months n weeks go by so I can continue to fun your hard work on the fursuit.
I don't want to be ripped off like some commissioners unfortunately do this is why I only pay commissioners while they are working or near completion of their artwork so that way I won't get robbed.

Okay this is all the information I can type out right now.
If you want the job then tell me the pricing on everysingle bit of detail for the costume.
When are you going to be available.

In return I will give you my skype username so we can talk, have a laugh and do updates on the costume progress also the most important thing... measurements lol.

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, take care.



Hello there, I know that person and he did that pretty nice huh?
He does commissions to but I think his booked up. goodluck getting what you need.
Hello there, I know that person and he did that pretty nice huh?
He does commissions to but I think his booked up. goodluck getting what you need.

Who is He? The person who is wearing it isn't a guy unless you mean Durp001? he is hard to get in contact with since he is rarely on FA or skype.

There was a person who supplied the resin head base for the costume but they don't do fursuit commissions at all and I'm not very good at making my own fursuit and I have a busy schedule so I will have no time to create the costume myself.

Seriously do you not know anyone that can take this job? If I don't get anyone within 5 days then I'm canceling.

Anyone with a good reputation of making costumes is fine.
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Well the person I met from A-kon this year, was wearing it I even helped him around the place while he was in the suit, I told him If he can help me make one but said he can't because of Commission overload. XD but He has a FB I don't know If there is information about it...


I'm afraid many fursuit makers will refuse to make a copyrighted character.
Making the costume for yourself is no problem - but with a commercial fursuit maker it might be a copyright infringement.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Yeah- a person who makes fursuits as a business wouldn't do this because if they're caught Disney will rip them a new one. Looks awesome though, and good luck in your search :)