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Hiring an artist to collab with me


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My furaffinity: Userpage of ruruscube -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

- Id like to make a NSFW single female or 2 female character YCH pinup without a background!
- Id love the piece to be done in a timeframe of about 10 days!
- We split the drawing process in sketch/lineart and flatcolours/shade. Id really like to do the sketch/lineart, but its negotiable! We split the money 50/50.
- Id like to host the ych auction on my account! You can post it on your account too of course but Id like to be the one in charge of the auction and money transaction.
- My usual YCH auctions for one fullbody start at 50€. That means you will be paid at least 25€. If we do multiple characters or if people bid high you will be paid more accordingly. 50/50 split

- Id like our art skills to be about evenly matched. That doesnt mean that you shouldnt message me even if you think youre worse than me, I might love your stuff!
- Please do note me with your art examples and if youd like to colour or line it. Like I said I would prefer to line it, so if youre looking for doing the colours theres a higher chance Ill contact you. But if your lines are amazing I might change my mind yk :p

If youre an artist and youre interested please do note me on fA or PM me here if youd like to "apply" or if you have any questions :3 Do not reply to this thread if youre interested/have questions please. I highly prefer a note on fA or a Private Message.
Theres a high chance that I might decline your offer so please only contact me if youre ok with me saying "no thank you" ;w; I dont want to hurt anyones feelings.

If you know someone whos open for collaborations/who has done collabs in the past do recommend me to them!
Thank you ♥


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