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Hiring - Artist For Female Foot-Focused Slapstick Comic ($150 +)


Hey folks! Happy holidays and Happy new year, too! Been a while, but it's me again, here to offer another quick commission job. If you've seen my posts before, you know what to expect, and although I’m sure some regular artists of mine might be wondering “why didn’t he ask me”, it’s because I’m looking for some new artists to add to my contacts! Here’s what I'm looking for:

I want to commission someone for two or three full body lineart images with the caveat that they're to be completed within 48 hours, and ideally with some sketches showing the basic idea done today. Why does it need to be done quickly? No real reason, I just like to commission folks who currently don't have a queue and can work quickly, since I have a long history of hiring artists who tend to disappear after I pay them! I would vastly prefer if the sketches were delivered today for approval, but if you need more time to finish them, that's totally fine, we can discuss that later.

What's the content? Well, I have a thing for female feet and slapstick cartoon violence. Put it together and you get images like the one I hopefully attached:


So the commissions in question are very similar type of images, and because of health issues I wasn’t able to do my usual spree of Halloween images, so the character will be spooky-themed. As I had mentioned, it's a series of images that would be sequential, and probably could be treated as a comic as such, probably two pages total. They would likely just be black and white lineart, and I have references for the images. If you grew up watching Tom and Jerry or the old Looney Toons, it's along those lines. I will of course send you references and describe the scenes in more detail upon consideration. Payment will be through PayPal, and we can discuss the amount (or you can just send me your rates, either way works!)

If you're interested, send me a PM with some examples of your work, and we can discuss in more detail. You can also email me at korsk4life@gmail.com. I do not typically reply to forum replies, but if you reply to the actual job posting and I like your style I will note you with more details. Cheers everyone, and I hope you enjoy your day/evening!