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Hiring artists for Ebook covers and spaceship art.


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Hi, my name is Snekguy and I write a NSFW science fiction series, along with a few random one-off stories usually featuring mythological creatures and the like. You can check out my content here:
Snekguy is creating Erotic Fiction | Patreon
Userpage of Snekguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

What the work entails:
I'm looking to hire more artists for various projects, including high-quality Ebook covers, concept artwork of aliens and spaceships, and other related content.
I write mostly about aliens and other anthro creatures, but you should also be proficient in drawing both humans and backgrounds. Most of the work I need done features a couple of anthro characters on a simple color backdrop, though some will feature human characters and detailed backgrounds. Although the content of the stories is erotic in nature, your covers would all be SFW, suggestive at the most. Don't worry about the titling, I can handle that.
Spaceships can be artwork or 3D renders, either is suitable. These will be featured on a wiki for the setting and perhaps in guidebooks later down the line.

You will be paid via Paypal upon completion, in the full amount negotiated beforehand, based on the number of characters and the complexity of the piece. Due to prior experiences, I cannot offer money up front, at least the first time we work together. That's subject to change of course once we develop a working relationship, then I'll be happy to provide full or partial payment in advance.
Expect to be paid somewhere between $60 and $500 depending on the aforementioned complexity of the project. I also offer small bonuses for work that is completed within the agreed upon time limit.

I do require that you sign a simple copyright transfer contract, the purpose of which is to ensure that I have full legal rights to edit your work (apply titles, etc) and to sell it as part of an Ebook. You will, of course, be properly credited wherever the artwork is featured.

If you think you're the right person for the job, you can contact me by posting in this thread, or by emailing me at snekguy@outlook.com where we can discuss the details further. Please include some examples of your prior work with your message.

Here are a couple of examples of book covers that I've had done recently so that you have some idea of the kind of quality that I'm looking for:



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Thank you for all of your emails guys, I got quite a few so I'm just getting through them and sending replies.
I'm especially interested in people who specialize in technology and spaceships right now, so if you fit the bill, please get in touch!


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Hi, I am interested as well. Here are some examples of my work:

Hi Sushy, thanks for responding to the thread!
Your artwork is very nice, I like the storybook aesthetic, but unfortunately it's not the style that I'm looking for right now. Thank you for your interest, though.