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HIRING! Bird sona pin up


White Devil
Be prepared- it's long

Ok so I really want a picture of my bird character Paige. Honestly she represents me more than Raziel. I need an artist that can draw birds well. She is a blue wing kookaburra. Her ref can be found here.

What I would like:

A pose similar to this(an unsure/uneasy body pose with a hurt or saddened expression in the eyes).

The one on the right is my character. Depending on how much an artist charge I may have them the male character that goes with her or just go full on ref sheet. I have hired many artist and have been burned a few times IE not getting the work I paid for- so a WIP is required at least twice to prove you are working on it- If you want to water mark the shit out of it I don't care I just want to make sure progress is being made. I also am looking for an artist that won't take forever or have a huge line.

Hoodie style is this though it is made out of a potato sack styled fabric. The sleeves will be pushed up to her elbows exposing her arms.

Jeans are like this. Feathers stop at knee length and then bird style skin is visible after that. She still retains bird legs as in they bend like this.

She does not wear the black glasses in her description. She does however HAVE TO HAVE "Her necklace is a set of dog tags that has all information scratched out though the name Paige Lenore Givens can be read with some effort." Being able to read it is not really a huge issue though they need to be seen without effort.

Her arms up to her elbows are like bird feet though I would like her skin to be blackish grey- her arms would match her legs. No feathers past the elbow except on the back of the arm. Those feathers need to be bright blue like this. She does have tail feathers.

I don't want it too cartoony- semi realistic would be awesome. I am not an ass to work with. I am easy to please. I do give artistic freedom in some aspects.

I am looking for an artist that can:
Provide WIPS
Provide a genuine interest
Conduct themselves in a business like manor (if something needs to be fixed you are willing to fix it. I am not a slave driver but if forget to draw her dog tags or something that is vital to her character you are willing to fix it.)
Good at drawing birds

Please list your:
Turn around time
Waiting list should you have one

Note me on FA or on here- the thread may get lost so an actual PM would be the best way to contact me.


I'm interested! :D I've drawn a bird here before:


I only have two commissions I'm working on now and one is half finished, so within the next week I could probably start and (maybe) finish yours should you choose to go with me.

A price for a two character full body would be 25 usd, fully shaded and coloured. I can definitely provide wips should and when you ask. c:

Note me on Fa if you're interested.

And honestly, idk what a turn around time is. :/ /shot.

Never been asked that before.



I can draw birds~
I rarely upload them though because of laptop problems ( In fact, this is the only example I have online. ) BUT I CAN do a full body digital coloring, two wips (the sketch and the lineart) AND I can get it to you in about four days. (Limited access to laptop, but if you approve the wips fast I can get it done in two or three.) All of that would beee.. 15$

I'll note ya too DD C:


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
Sent you a note.


I love to draw birds and drawing this pin up sounds like fun!
My prices for both digital and traditional are under $30 and more information can be found here
I can usually have your commission done within a week. Plus I have no waiting list!


White Devil
If the background isn't too detailed i can do it all for $75

What are some of your examples? Right now I only want just her- background is not needed, honestly I would like it to be just a greyish background- textured at the most. I want to represent her as a character by her self. If someone gave me a good offer I would have them both drawn. 75 is a lot of money and while I have payed that and more in the past I really would only be able to do it in like 3 installments. I have the money upfront it is just 75 dollars coming out all at once leaves a big dent. If people are willing to take payments I am willing to go higher up in prices.


White Devil
Thanks all that have applied. Your art is very nice. I may leave this up a few more days. If I come up with an artist I will close the thread. Again- thank you to all that have applied. In the future if I need to commission something else I have a list to go to first.