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[Hiring] Looking For Fantasy Artist For Creature Design

Kaiser Wolves

New Member
Good day!

As the title of this post suggests, I am in need of any artist with a knack for fantasy and loves creature design to creature an in depth break down of the anatomy and behaviour of a creature from a story I am currently writing.

The creature itself has already been designed, and multiple refs will be provided. I just need a person who is willing to go an extra level deeper and break down the creature from its limbs, muscle structure, skeleton, organs etc.

For a visual example of what I am looking for see here; https://i.pinimg.com/736x/86/42/8a/...4ee770e8--drawing-tutorials-drawing-ideas.jpg

Ideally, I am looking for someone who:

  • Has an eye for detailed work
  • Friendly and passionate about their work
  • Enjoys working on Canine/Wolf-like creature in a darker fantasy genre
  • Comfortable with some NSFW themes. (Nothing too vulgar, just willing to work on sexual dimorphism.)
  • Able to work in a timely & communicative matter (No due date is set, but I would appreciate progress reports)

If interested, feel free to send me a note/chat or a detailed comment to this post.

*Budget is around the $375 mark, but open for increase. *

I look forward to working with you!


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


Fallen Angel
Sounds interesting, I love well crafted fantasy creatures!

My style is generally more cartoony, I can do slightly more realistic if that's what you're looking for though.

Feel free to take a little look at my page here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rufusistruebeauty/

For such a project I'd likely charge $20-60 per anatomy detail, or $200 as a holistic project with as much as I can design to it! I can give a more accurate quote if you have something already in mind ^^
For an extra $50 I'd be happy to do everything on stream to let you have direct input as I work.

You can see my toony style in my gallery, here's some painterly examples too:

And a couple of examples that you might find interesting~

Feel free to message me here or on FA, I'm happy to chat through email or Discord too! Thanks for the consideration!


Gundam Meister
Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my work:

Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


Hello there! Sounds like a fun project, I'd like to suggest myself as a candidate :) I'm not entirely sure whether you want an illustration or a ref-sheet like piece, so I'll provide both price lists.

For reference sheets:

For illustrations:



Hey, I’d love to work with you. Here’s a few samples of my art, as well as a link to my gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/wulfteeth/

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.


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I'd be willing to take a crack at it, though I'm a 3D renderer mainly and I don't do a lot of realism so I admit this might not be to your tastes.


hello, im interested and i think i can help u with this, look some of my work


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