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Hiring Skilled Artist able to look @ backview and draw frontview in similar style

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Essentially what I'm looking for:

*Digital art
*Flat colors
*Full body anthro (canine)

I have a backview of myself that I greatly admire, but I would like a frontview so I can use the two images as my only, complete reference for future commissions. I need a skilled artist who can draw smooth lines, color jagged stripes well, and mimic the "style" of the backview so that the frontview is similar.

My price limit is $35

I will need to see a sketch of the frontview -and- a very small patch of it colored in so that I can confirm that you can draw in similar style and that you can match the general idea of the markings. I would prefer to not pay until after I see the sketch.

Please comment here if you would like to see the frontview image so that you can decide if you will be able to complete this commission to my needs. I will note you on FA.

***Please leave your Furaffinity username if your forum account is not already linked to your FA account.

If you are commissioned for this task, and I use your frontview next to the backview in a ref, I will clearly state which view was done by which artist.


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I am more than willing to take a look at the front view! I can do this for $13. And I'd ask for payment after you approve of the sketch. (Awesome, someone who thinks the same way I do! :D)


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What does the back view look like? I am very good at mimicking styles but I cannot quote you a price until I see what the style is.


What is this internet?

I can do one for you. My two pose refs are 30$ (unlike above for example is 50$). Note me on FA if your interested.

Example of two pose.


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What does the back view look like? I am very good at mimicking styles but I cannot quote you a price until I see what the style is.

If you read my post, I ask that you reply if you're interested in looking further into this commission, and I contact you on FA with the image so you can look at it then.


Hey there!
I'm interested in a bit more information, in the form of the image. My FA account is linked up with the lil' black paw. I look forward to giving you a solid answer about my ability to replicate your style, I understand your eagerness to find as close a match as possible. Have a great night.


I'd be interesting in doing this for you! IDK what the style is like but i've actually practiced mimicking style before, just as an independent study, and am fairly sure I would be able to replicate it.

Link to my FA under my name, feel free to check it out.


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After Bristlefurr's comment, I should have enough possible artists who I feel would be adequate for what I'm looking for. Thanks for all the interest!
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