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hello its me your friend hisseefit!
I'm off school right now so im stepping up my commission game - i've been taking commissions regularly throughout the year anyway, but now i have the time to take on new clients. exciting!

i can draw humans, furries, feral, SFW and SOME NSFW - im happy to draw "mature art", ie pinups, nudity, suggestive themes, but not "explicit"! i dont do kink art unless its subtle/clean! (ie this was a fun commission for me to draw regardless of kink). more TOS at the bottom.

here come the examples, scroll to the bottom for more information about my comms (or youre welcome to cruise around my gallery and commission info section at your leisure)

Color Sketches - Starting at 15$ usd, + 5 for extra characters
tips will greatly increase the quality/time spent on these

heres a 2-character example as well!

Character paintings
headshots: 30$
half-body (like example): 45$
fullbody: 60$

ill also do simple feral characters for 45$:

Full illustrations - 50-60$ depending on background complexity, + 10$ for extra characters.

(this is a completed YCH - i have another YCH for sale right now!)
i would charge 50 for this level of background complexity and 60 for something like the YCH linked above. perspective is fun and i love to draw backgrounds but its time consuming :p

if there is anything not listed here that you would like - ref sheets, flat colours, etc - im always open to discussion!
  • these are through paypal (pay for goods > no adress needed) and im just using my personal email right now which is edenarmstrong77[at]gmail.com
  • payment is appreciated within the day of commission finalization because i often work faster than expected
  • itll probably ask you to convert to CAD, but payment in USD is preferred
  • feel free to note, comment, or email me about a commission - whatever works for you!
will draw:

  • humans, furries, quad/feral, robots, fanart
  • light nsfw/suggestive themes
  • light gore

wont draw:

  • hard gore or nsfw, most kink stuff
  • nsfw of quad/feral
  • nsfw/gore/suggestive themes of characters who are or look underage, or are marketed toward children (ex i wouldnt draw nsfw of mlp characters, but you may be able to sway me on a personal mlp oc)

thank you for reading!
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I have a question
I need a banner for my serebii forum account
How much do you price if you make a 6 Pokemon battle battle cut like this:
images (13).jpeg

With my character standing at the foreground