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Hit Me 2, Kinetic Boogaloo (One Word Story Suggestions)


Resident Stone Age Fox
So, this is a thing I did going on two years ago now. I quite enjoyed it then, and the stories that came out of it were better than I was expecting. So, since my story output has been abysmal lately, I'm going to give this another bash. And this time, I invite others to join in on it too.

So, the details for suggestions: If you're interested in making a suggestion, please comment the suggested word in this thread. Please keep it to one suggestion per-day, preferably. I will, once the story is of an acceptable quality, post it to FA, and comment with a link.

The details for writers:
Stories must be between 250-1,000 words.
Stories can use between 1-3 suggested words.
Stories can be either SFW or NSFW but, please make it very clear which it is.
Writers can suggest words but, they cannot write about their own suggestions.

Also for writers, here are the guidelines for linking your stories:
*Word Count*
*Additional Comments*
*Link to Story*

That should be all the necessary details. I hope to be able to provide some quality short stories, as well as see other people's take on the same suggestions. Now I go to bed and await the morning's results. Thanks all in advanced.
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I pounce i bounce.
Sounds fun.

If you can and are up for a challenge write a story with these words in mind.

a wrench, a fish, and ducktape


Resident Stone Age Fox
Since I said writers can post a suggestion, I shall contribute!



I pounce i bounce.
Can this even be considered a story. Its more of a situation. Idk enjoy. Not that it'll be all that enjoyable.

@MetroFox2 i gave it a shot. =w=

226 words
Written by yours truely.

Let me tell you a fictional story set in the mesolithic age. A story about a boy, a story about a tribal hunting society, and a story about the indifferent cruelty of nature (Just use you imagination for that part).
This tale is not a happy one and will end suddenly without warning.
Well... No warning except that one.

Behold, A young canid anthro hunter. Meet Boy.
Boy and his older brother are out gathering stones. primitive material compared to the iron and metal we have today however so much can be done with stone. You can build houses with stone. Sharpen a stone and you have your self a useful tool.
But lets get back to Boy. While boy was diligent with his given task of collecting stone his brother had no intention of working hard and decided to doze off. Boy collected his stones. Some pretty hefty stones. Stones he found in the vast sandy plane with an indistinguishable landscape.
Boy had not known that certain stones were left as markers; Directional Indicators helping aid travelers with a sense of direction. If boys brother had stayed awake he would have known. He could have saw that these stones where significant and that these markers would have helped them find there way home.

Oh well. Thats the end. The end for them and this story.
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Resident Stone Age Fox
Can this even be considered a story. Its more of a situation. Idk enjoy. Not that it'll be all that enjoyable.

Of course it could, short stories, especially ones as short as this, are little more than moments. Moments can tell great stories, in fact one of the greatest ways to hone your skill as a writer is to tell as much as possible in as few words as possible.

I will have a go at your suggestions soon, just trying to drum-up some attention since this thread flatlined a lot faster than last time.


Resident Stone Age Fox
One last attempt at trying to get this off the ground before I give-up and write about the only available suggestion from the blue freddo up there.

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
I lurked, so mom said I get to post 2 words today.

Orange (fruit)


Resident Stone Age Fox
I did the thing!

Dire Circumstances
Fish, Wrench, Orange
Word Count: 385
This ended-up being a bit weird and dark but, hey, gotta work with what you're given.
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