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resident mothman
I'm Pom! =)
I've had my furaffinity for a while but I haven't really been active on it until now, and this is my first time going into the forums [that being said sorry if I mess up where / what I post and stuff!] :^D

My fursona is a black pomeranian named... Pom [as you can tell I'm very original when it comes to names] but I also have a joke fursona that's a white pomeranian named Mop. I like drawing rodents, bunnies, and bears in particular, but all types of animals are cool!

I'm fairly new to digital art, and trying to get used to using a tablet because I've only had mine for a few months :') I usually draw stuff from Disney's Toontown [I love the old cartoon vibe in general], but I like just plain ol' furry art too!!

Glad to meet all of you!