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hobbies :3


That Guy Over There
I have permanent hobbies like: Games (console and PC), anything dealing with speed (as in go-karting, etc), and the reason I believe the majority of us are here.

I also have temporary hobbies that on occaision arrive and dissapear like: Model rocketry (no more), or cricket (fading fast).

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Games, 'tis all. Sometimes draw, but that's pretty seldom outside school

Kellie Gator

Moral Minority
Music, most notably collecting vinyl records. It's so much more rewarding than just buying cheap-ass CDs or downloading MP3s.

Collecting old cartoons is also fun!


Other than being a cold blooded certified gangster straight from the hood, selling dimebags on the corner of the projects just to keep food on the table for my 7 children and babies mama I enjoy
-lots of video games
typical teenager stuff really


See ya latter ****ers.
(Sniff sniff) what?sorry i did not here you i was snorting nose candy.


Husky love.
Playing classical and jazz piano for 11 years now. Same for upright bass. Also play classical guitar.


Working on vintage volkswagens from the 60s and older.

Cars in general


Conqueror of Cookies
Playing video games and watching porn.

I need some new hobbies.


I'm "Human" get over it.
Playing video games and watching porn.
I need some new hobbies.


^ Joking of course :p

When you think about it though that video describes a huge majority of furries.

My hobbies, include art, snowboarding, squash, long distance running, and especially pinball and retro video games. I just love figuring out how they work, and fixing them, in addition to playing them of course.

^ The video applies to me as well apparently. Hehe :D


Soaked In Sin
There is no interesting person in the world for whom that video does not apply.
Maybe it's nerdy interests! D: My brother and I get called nerds when we talk about computer stuff, my sister and I get called nerds when we talk about music things, this guy Sal who sells camera equipment, and I get called nerds when we talk about camera things. It sucks having interests that are nerdy. Sure, I wouldn't be a nerd if I was into football or other sports. :I


New Member
Video games, browsing internet forums and picture sites (FA, e621, a couple of different "booru"s), drawing, reading books and comics...
That pretty much sums up my life outside of work. Hell, it sums up much of my time AT work.


New Member
Dancing. There isn't no better feeling when you can just get down to music in good rhythm.


Lol how do I delete this account
Bideo games, teh Intarnetz, shouting at people on Teamspeak, and building gaming PC's.


Impractical Fantasy Animal
Boy am I an uninteresting person... :|

Saaaaame here. My uninteresting-ness can be measures in tons. :I

Having hobbies doesn't make someone interesting. My hobbies are probably the subject all of my IRL friends and relatives most wish I would NOT talk about, just because they don't share those hobbies.

Which sort of segues to the main point I am wondering here, how does listing our hobbies here accomplish anything if people who share the hobby don't then discus it?

But anywho, my hobbies:

- writing (fantasy, science fiction, romance, erotica, used to write fanfic but no longer) and reading (mainly romance novels, gay romance, and fanfic, used to read a lot of science fiction and fantasy)

- art (drawing, photoshoppery, Inkscape vector art, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, origami, plushie making, sculpting, used to do fashion design) Really, I should get into 3D modeling because it would be so useful but it just doesn't grab my interest and seems too confusing to even figure out what program to use.

- teaching and writing educational nonfiction (currently teaching a class in advanced character design (art), previously have taught several seminars in writing fiction and video game design)

- videogames (designing them, I play a new MMO every few months though I haven't been able to find one I like recently, time management/strategy/tycoon games, used to play a lot of jRPGs and adventure games)

- gardening (currently trying to talk myself out of ordering $50 of flower seeds, planning to buy and plant a pear tree in spring, will have to rip out my hardy kiwi vines if they still don't make any fruit this year...)

- cooking sorta (I like to cook one new thing about every two weeks, but I don't do anything too elaborate.)

- music sorta (I've been gradually learning about 70s rock and glam from before I was born, also have a keyboard and a primer level piano book that I poke at once in a while. Used to write lyrics, but never found a composer or band interested in them, and I don't have the mental capacity to be a composer, even if I did manage to learn to read music.)


grats dude
i enjoy:
-music, listening to and composing (compositions in the loosest sense of the world)
-literature, reading and writing
-martial arts
-athletics, primarily hockey and soccer
-counter-culture activities
-anything DIY
-learning more about my ethnic history.

Delta Fox

Adolf Clitler
Besides the furfaggotry I enjoy video games, politics, history, travel collecting communist stuff, and cooking.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.