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hola! i'm new here!


cried for Dr. Horrible
hello! i'm nachoboy, or sometimes i'm called orange is the new "i love you."

i'm a tiger, i live in idaho, and i'm very proudly Catholic.

i love going to rock shows and i wear my tail in public often.


Welcome, NachoBoy!


Welcome, I have to say catholic,I know what it means, but in what sense.Don't mean to be personal.


back'n up back'n up
Welcome to the forum, hope you like it here. Have fun.:)


cried for Dr. Horrible
don't worry about being too personal, i'm glad to talk about what i believe in. i just don't really know what to say. i'd like to think i'm close to God. i go to mass every week, and holy days of obligation [Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, etc] mean a lot to me. i pray a lot and read my Bible. i dunno, i'm a devout Catholic, i don't know what else to say.


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welcome man
simple enough


cried for Dr. Horrible
thank you very much, everyone, for all of the nice welcomes. this is a very nice forum and i'm glad to meet all of you.