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Free Art: Holiday requests (closed)


Xelwave the Yeen - Artist *COMMS closed*
Oooo! Thank you for the opportunity!!

I don’t want to spam this page with pictures, but please feel free to look on my Toyhou.se at my characters here if you like! (All except Mavis would be allowed! :D)

I’ve got a cheeky blue jackalope, a soft green lion who likes gardening, my fursona- a fun loving vaporwave yeen, my secondary sona- a soft pink fox, a sphinx cat who’s a grump, a bull terrier dog who’s a happy boye, a goat that studies Paleontology and more!

I hope you find what you’re looking for in everyone’s replies! :D


Sometimes Wolf, sometimes Kjeven.
Hi, would you be interested in drawing Sapphire?
Thanks for considering ^^


Cat With A Guitar
How about my bunny? :3

Thanks for the chance! :D


Queen of Laziness
Hello again, fren!

I don't have a proper ref sheet for my sona yet, but I do have a front and back view of her, along with a headshot if that works! I'd love to see you give Mae, my lil' beardie a whirl.


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    back view.png
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Pyruus V.8: Now With More Glowy Bits
I'll just plop in here, if it's ok!
Pyruus' stripes do glow, like in the second picture.


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    Pyruus Ref.jpg
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    Blue Pyruus.png
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