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(Commission) Selling: Holiday Special: Sketches, Illustrations and Stories! (£10+)


Squirrel Boy Supreme
I'm opening commissions for sketches again! I only open for sketches when I really need to, and since I'm moving I can use all the help I can get. It can be expensive to move homes as a disabled person because I can't drive and have to hire movers. Most of what I make is going into saving up for my move right now.

I will happily draw/write:
- Fur, humanoid, mech or monster
- Semi-realism, anime (seinen) or cartoonish styles
- Gore, horror, kinks etc. (with only a few exceptions)

My base price will be £10 for a sketch, with an extra £5 per extra figure. I can also add colour for an extra £5! This offer will keep going until the end of December.
Sketch samples:


If you're looking for something more polished, here's my rates for more full-on works.


I also always have commissions open for comic pages, and also written commissions! I can provide samples and price sheets for these to anybody who is interested. If you want NSFW samples I can also provide those. I've been writing stories for clients for a long time, and I'm very flexible with subject matter and such.

Thanks so much!