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Home of the Spiralcrests [Auction-Adopts] [Closed Species]

Woodland Odyssey

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It’s been a lot of hard work and a good bit of time, but at last the moment is finally here to release the Spiralcrest into the world. This is my very first time doing something like this, so please be patient while this thread gains it’s wings.

Spiralcrests are a custom closed original species made by yours truly. With detailed field information, a range of colors and patterns, and a flat-out adorable face with big ol’ paws, they’re sure to have something for everyone!
A small outfit for now, Spiralcrests are expected to grow. An Instagram page is in the works, as well as all new art!

An in-depth look at the Spiralcrests can be viewed here in their ownGoogle Document, which is currently still in development. It is written just like a Wikipedia page, and covers most bases that buyers can chose to implement to their characters, use as a starting point, or create their own lore! Canonically, Spiralcrests exist in our world, just as cats and dogs do.
Writing Credit goes to @/isobel and @/woodland_odyssey

Three subspecies of Spiralcrest are found throughout the world, occurring mostly in the wild. Some subspecies have begun the process of domestication, while others remain completely wild.



Currently, only one Spiralcrest species has a completed base, A.spiracrista. In the future, all 3 subspecies will have their own base, as well as cub bases! This base has now been softly-retired.


TODAY 9/16/21

Spiralcrests work just like an adoptable, with intermittent releases bringing Natural characters and Decorator characters. Each batch will typically contain 2-4 individual designs. Release dates will vary, but will be announced beforehand.
Make-Your-Own adopts are available anytime, as MYO adopts constitute the transparent line-art that the buyer can color underneath.

Prices vary per adopt, but will generally be in the $70-$100 range for premades depending on labor and complexity.
Make-Your-Own adopts are sold for a flat rate of $60. (Both old lineart and new.)
Custom designs are not offered at this time. coming soon!
Please check the Announcements and Currently Available sections for exact price when applicable.

Each individual adopt will be listed with an autobuy or auction-style listing. USD payment is taken through PayPal.

To bid, please tag the person bidding before you, not me!

- By purchasing an adopt, you automatically agree to use it for personal use only.
- Minor changes of the adopt design is okay.
- Do not remove my watermark regardless of artwork type. (Watermark must stay even on MYO.)
- All sales are final.
- Harassment or bullying of any kind is not acceptable.

A place to keep track of sold adopts!


The first batch of Spiralcrests, these designs are on the older retired base and are discounted appropriately. Each adopt will come with a transparent png as well as in full quality, I’m not sure why it’s so blurry here! Buyers will be sent the Spiralcrest Wiki as soon as it is available.
Designs CAN be tweaked by the buyer.
Auction lasts for 24 hours. After that time, please have payment ready if you are the highest bidder.

AB- $60
SB- $15


Highest Bid as of Current - @/virulent at SB on FR


Highest Bid as of Current - @/virulent at SB on FR