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Critique: Honest and Civil Critiques Needed


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I am by no means the greatest or most popular artist on here, but I'd like to share my art and allow it to be critiqued. What am I doing wrong or right, etc. I use Krita to make backgrounds, using several layers; and I use SAI for the foreground, also several layers. Sometimes I use the same background for different scenes; I don't know if that's a good idea or not. I think I've improved over the years.
Here is my most recent non-yiff art. Tolarida (Shaman Squirrel Character #10) riding Zara the Mammalian Dragon:


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you need to practice on your fundamentals to improve
study anatomy, lighting, color theory

you're quite brave to be exploring different programs and mixing them together
that's good.
keep at it and explore
you'll get where you want to be as long as you keep wanting it


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You're trying a lot of different things (I took a look at your gallery). Lots of poses, backgrounds, species and so on. That's really good. Having diversity helps to build your art.

As zenmaldita has said, you need to practice on fundamentals, and you may want to focus on one thing to not feel overwhelmed (but do as you wish, everyone has its better way for learning ^^).

For anatomy, you can begin by reworking your proportions and how the limbs are linked to the body (shoulders, knees, legs). And I would work on morphology more than anatomy for humans, it focuses more about what's visible on the body than whole of the muscles and so on. It's easier to learn and more focused on artists. I suggest the book "Morpho: anatomy for artists" as a learning tool.
For animals, you may want to give them more dynamic poses with the help of lines of action and gestures. They are gestures sites which have animals sections and helps to learn more natural poses.

Hope that helps and have fun drawing ^^


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I'm also not the best artist, but I can give you two advice: shading and joint.

Honnestly, your anatomy is not too bad, you got the proportions mostly right, you just have problem "linking" things together. For exemple, your shoulders look like it's not attached to the torso.

But the big things IMO is really the lack of shade. You have interesting background, but they look flat by lack of shade. Think about your light source!

I'm impress by your quantity of art!! Keep it up!!